Anolis Grabs Olympic Gold

At least vicariously. Track & field aficionado Kevin de Queiroz pointed out that A. aeneus featured prominently in this profile of Grenadian gold medal sprinter Kirani James. Check out at about the 1:00 mark above, or 0:53 in the nicer, official NBC version, but one requiring you to watch a short commercial first.

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Professor and Curator of Herpetology at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University. I've spent my entire professional career studying anoles and have discovered that the more I learn about anoles, the more I realize I don't know.

4 thoughts on “Anolis Grabs Olympic Gold

  1. I remember watching this and laughing out loud because it felt really “B reel” – when I was in Montserrat in January 2010, some folks from the Discovery channel were filming a reality show. I caught some critters for them to film – among them, I caught some handsome A. lividus males. They used some of it in their B reel – the filler between scenes, dialogue, etc. I think NBC must have some stock B reel on Grenada and, indeed, anoles are featured. It makes me wonder if the A. lividus I caught will make it into NBC footage when a Montserratian olympian gets a gold medal.

  2. Who would have thought that TV coverage of the London Olympics was a promising place for anole spotting? Here’s a link to a larger version of the clip. This sighting reminds me of two other odd places where I’ve seen anoles: the film Help! starring the Beatles (some scenes shot in the Bahamas) and the magazine Sports Illustrated (one of the swimsuit issues shot in the British Virgin Islands).

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