World Congress Of Herpetology, Full of Anoles, Starts Today

The ribbon cutting for WCH7 in Vancouver is hours away, and it promises to be a grand occasion. The best and the brightest of herpetology will be there–a month ago, registration already topped 1600. Needless to say, the highlight of the meeting will be the talks and posters on anoles, 24 in all. In June, Emma Sherratt provided the list, but it’s worth re-posting, with the addition of one newly discovered talk (which didn’t use the words “anole” or “Anolis” in the title, and thus was missed). And, to whet your appetite, we provide links to previous AA posts on some of these talks. Don’t miss all the action, either live in Vancouver, or virtually here in AA‘s pages:

Bienentreu, Joe-Felix – Session 42, Friday 15:45 “Taxonomy and phylogeography of the Anolis pachypus complex (Squamata: Iguania: Dactyloidae)”

Castañeda, Maria del Rosario – Session 130 Monday 14:15, “Multivariate analysis of the morphological component of ecomorphology in mainland Anolis lizards (Dactyloa clade)”

Crawford, Nicholas – Session 132 Monday 14:45, “The genetics of colorful pigmentation in Anolis lizards”

Harrison, Alexis – Session 130 Monday 14:45, “Correlated evolution of microhabitat, morphology, and behavior in West Indian Anolis lizards: A test of the ecomorph hypothesis”

Ingram, Travis – Session 130 Monday 14:00, “A new comparative method that does not require pre-assigned ecomorph categories confirms exceptional morphological convergence in Caribbean

Kolbe, Jason – Session 35 Friday 16:45, “Adaptation and plasticity during Anolis lizard introductions

Leal, Manuel – Session 129 Monday 15:45 “Behavioral flexibility and problem‐solving in lizards”

Losos, Jonathan – Session 58 Saturday 9:15, “Natural History of the Little-Known Horned Anole of Ecuador, Anolis proboscis, and its equally little-known relative, Phenacosaurus orcesii

Mahler, D. Luke – Session 89 Sunday 11:30, “Discovery of a short-limbed giant Anolis from Hispaniola supports a deterministic model of island evolution and community assembly”

Powell, Brian – Session 130 Monday 14:30, “Brain Evolution Across the Puerto Rican Anole Radiation”

Schneider, Christopher – Session 130 Monday 15:45, “The genetic basis of phenotypic variation and divergence in Anolis marmoratus

Sherratt, Emma – Session 130 Monday 16:45, “The deep history of Anolis habitat specialists

Steinberg, David – Session 39 Friday 1630 “Heads‐up: signal modulation and receiver distance in anoline lizards

Stuart, Yoel – Session 35 Friday 14:45, “A real-time test of a classic hypothesis: rapid, replicated character displacement in Anolis carolinensis following invasion by a congeneric competitor

Warkentin, Karen – Session 1 Thursday 11:15, “Environmentally cued hatching: Integrative and evolutionary biology of a critical life-stage transition”

Warner, Daniel – Session 35 Friday 16:45, “Spatial and temporal variation in phenotypic selection after experimental introduction in the lizard Anolis sagrei

Wollenberg Valero, Katharina – Session 98 Sunday 15:30, “Diversification within adaptive radiations: the case of Hispaniolan trunk-ground anoles”

Friday Posters: Castañeda, Maria del Rosario – Poster board 171, “Anolis lizards in the Encyclopedia of Life”

Gubler, Jenny – Poster board 176, “Investigation of the Evolutionary Relationships Among Species of the Anolis cupreus Complex”

Saturday Posters: Otero, Luisa – Poster board 132, “Habitat influence on annual reproductive cycle of Anolis cristatellus in Puerto Rico”

Cantwell, Lisa – Poster board 108, “Response of Anolis sagrei to Acoustic Calls from Predatory and Non-predatory Birds”

Sunday Posters: Mahler, D. Luke – Poster board 336, “A new organization dedicated to the conservation of Anolis lizards: The Anoline Lizard Specialist Group

Rubio-Rocha, Laura C. – Poster board 396, “Continuous reproduction under a bimodal precipitation regime in a high elevation anole (Anolis mariarum) from Antioquia, Colombia

Rubio-Rocha, Laura C. – Poster board 397, “Geographic variation in the lower temperature tolerance in the invasive brown anole, Anolis sagrei and the native green anole, Anolis carolinensis

Vega, Sondra – Poster board 402, “Omnivory in Puerto Rican Anolis lizards

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Professor and Curator of Herpetology at the Museum of Comparative Zoology at Harvard University. I've spent my entire professional career studying anoles and have discovered that the more I learn about anoles, the more I realize I don't know.

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