Cabela’s Panfish Poles For Lizard Catching: Hope Springs Eternal

The Anole Annals community was rocked recently by news that Cabela’s 10-foot, collapsible panfish poles–ideal for anole catching–are no longer available. Panic and pandemonium have ensued, but fear not: all may not be lost. In response to a comment I lodged on their website, I received this response: “We do still carry item number 115800.  You are welcome to go to our web site and search the item number to see if that is what you are looking for.  If not please call our customer service number of 1-800-237-8888 and ask to speak to a products associate who may be able to locate the one we used to carry and help with the manufacturer’s name and number” (I had asked for info to contact the manufacter directly). Melissa Woolley did so and was told that they are listed as backordered and should be available in late April. So, maybe there is still hope. I would like to urge all concerned anolians to go to Cabela’s Customer Service webpage and say something to encourage Cabela’s to restock the panfish pole pronto!

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3 thoughts on “Cabela’s Panfish Poles For Lizard Catching: Hope Springs Eternal

  1. I really hope they come back as I haven’t been impressed by the alternatives we ordered. Our experience has been that the backorder date can be a moving target. When we placed an order last fall the date was initially November, then December, then February, and finally last week they cancelled our order outright, hence Rich’s post. Maybe we can crowdsource (à la the photo contest ) some pressure on Cabela’s to bring the panfish poles back.

  2. It would be great if the Cabela’s rods became available again. If they do become available in late April, it would be after six months of unavailability. As Anthony notes, we’ve been experimenting with a number of possible replacement products. Anthony is planning a post on this topic after all the possible candidates have arrived. Although none of the possible replacements are quite as good as the Cabela’s rods, I’m less worried than I was a week ago about finding something comparable from another manufacturer.

  3. I share my concerns with Anthony. What if April turns into May or June? Most of us leave for the field by then, so I hope that they are true to the date. If not, I’m really looking forward to see what you guys find with those different poles. I emailed the company, too. We should each take the time to tell them just how much business they stand to lose. I told them exactly how many poles I’ve bought in the past four years (at least 20) and asked them to reconsider this decision.

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