How Big Are Hatchling Crown Giant Anoles?

Young knight anole. Photo from

There’s not a lot in the literature on the size of hatchling anoles, especially the giants, and such toddlers are not well-represented in museum collections. The photos here, easily gleaned from the web, indicate that newborn knight anoles are substantially larger than hatchlings of smaller species. What about other anoles? Does anyone out there know how the size of hatchlings of other large anole species? And how big are the eggs? Pictures, anyone?

Fresh out of the egg. Photo from

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6 thoughts on “How Big Are Hatchling Crown Giant Anoles?

  1. I am going to use this opportunity to advertise that I would *really* like to include some crown giant anoles in my developmental studies. If anyone ever finds themselves with extra crown giant hatchlings I would greatly appreciate it if you would keep me in mind. Again, I would GREATLY appreciate it.

  2. I’ve come across many eggs and hatch-lings. The Bahama Anole’s eggs are about 1/4 inch long with the babies (I’ve personally seen) anywhere from 3/4 inch to 1 inch long. The Knight Anole’s eggs are similar in size to a veiled chameleon’s. About 3/4 inch, the hatch-lings are anywhere from 2 to 3 inches. With some being a bit larger. The Knights (as hatch-lings) are almost the size of adult female Bahamas.

    Sorry for no pictures to back but Anoles are such a common sight around my parts (South Florida) that i rarely snap any pics.

  3. The smallest I’ve seen here in Miami was a 54mm SVL 3.1g female knight anole. It still had an umbilical* scar, so not too old at this point. Just for kicks, the largest was a 173mm SVL male.
    *Not sure if ‘umbilical’ is the correct word here.

  4. I breed A. Baracoae … hatchlings are 2″ svl and CRAZY straight out of the egg, like their c.b. parents. Largest of the hatchling anoles that I have bred. I breed all the Chamaeleolis … and the night anoles are larger then they are as hatchlings.

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